Small Claims: Your Day in Court

If you are pursuing or defending against a claim in Small Claims Court, you probably are looking for a cost-efficient resolution.

What many clients do appreciate is the ability to make informed decisions about their cases.

At Creighton Law LLP, our Small Claims clients include:

  • People who experience a Breach of Contract
  • People who have suffered personal injury or property damage
  • Businesses or individuals suing for the payment of debts
  • Businesses or individuals who have been sued and must respond
  • Clients seeking advice on whether to pursue a claim, and how to do so
  • Clients who wish to appeal a ruling or defend an appeal

Taking Small Claims Seriously

Our Lawyers will take you through the process, which includes the following steps:

  • Pleadings: If you are pursuing a claim, you will need to complete a Plaintiff's Claim. You need to know who to name as Defendant(s), where to file, and how to describe your situation.
  • Defendant's Response: The Defendant has a time limit to respond. If you have been sued, you should contact us immediately to determine what you should say in your defence.
  • Settlement Conference: The Court will schedule a Settlement Conference, usually a few months after pleadings. This is an attempt to settle the matter, or at least find out if there are any areas of agreement, so the case can focus on what remains in dispute. The Settlement Conference is off the record and without prejudice, which means that nothing said in the Settlement Conference can be used in Court.
  • Trial: Following the Settlement Conference, if the matter is not resolved, the matter will proceed to a trial. At trial we can assist you with preparing and presenting your evidence, calling any other witnesses, preparing for cross-examination, and drafting and delivering your arguments. The decision may be made the day of the trial, or at a later date. The losing party may be ordered to pay costs for the party who has been successful.

We will discuss your objectives, and what kind of evidence you will be using, as well as any witnesses who should testify for you. We will also discuss procedure, offers to settle and the strategy you should pursue to be successful. Our Lawyers will represent you at all stages of the process. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed on any developments that may affect your case.

Contact Creighton Law LLP

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