Your Voice in the Criminal Justice System

At Creighton Law LLP, we believe that every client deserves the full protection of the law against being wrongfully or inappropriately convicted or sentenced.

Whether your charge is relatively minor or extremely serious, whether you are a first-time offender or have been involved in the criminal justice system before, we will give your case our full attention, and protect your rights at every stage of the criminal process.

Our criminal law practitioners are always aware of the trust you have placed in us and we take this trust and responsibility seriously.

Earning Your Trust

Our criminal law Lawyers have a wide range of experience including:

  • Driving Offences: These range from minor traffic violations, to accident-related offences, to more serious impaired driving charges. Many of our clients in these cases have never been involved with the justice system before, and may be unaware of the possible negative consequences of pleading guilty. Our Lawyers will give you all the legal advice you need to make the best decisions for your matter.
  • Violent Crimes: Violent crimes, which include domestic charges, assault, sexual assault and murder, are often focused around a spontaneous incident that happened very quickly and involved heightened emotions and/or intoxication. Evidence from witnesses may be confusing and difficult to reconcile. We will make sure your voice is heard.
  • Drug Offences: From possession to trafficking, from marijuana to crack cocaine, these charges sometimes turn on the admissibility of evidence. We will ensure that evidence obtained in violation of your Charter Rights is not used against you.
  • White Collar Crimes: These charges include fraud, breach of trust and other property crimes that do not involve violence. Often, a client's reputation is at stake as well as his or her freedom.
  • Firearms and Weapons Offences: Any object used to harm or threaten another person can be considered a weapon, including sports equipment or household objects. We will explain the implications of your charge, and the defences which we may use to defend you.

At your first appointment, we will discuss a number of topics. We will ask you detailed questions about the circumstances surrounding your charge, and explain the criminal process and the law as it applies to your case.

If you are a youth, we will also discuss the kinds of special procedural and sentencing rules that may apply to you.

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