Driving Offences: From Traffic Violations to Impaired Driving and Criminal Negligence

Driving offences range from relatively minor traffic-related charges such as disobeying lights and signs to impaired driving, dangerous driving and criminal negligence.

What many of these charges have in common are their sometimes unexpectedly serious consequences, including demerit points, loss of your licence and increased insurance rates. In more serious cases, there can be a criminal record and incarceration.

At Creighton Law LLP, our Lawyers can help you with the entire array of vehicle-related offences. We will closely examine all of the evidence against you, and will cross-examine all witnesses, particularly police witnesses.

We will examine the tools used to gather evidence against you, including Breathalyzer machines and radar, as well as the qualifications of the person who used them to gather the evidence in your case. We will also examine the physical circumstances of the incident that led to your charge, including the location and visibility of lights, signs and other traffic.

Driving Offences

Among the offences we defend are:

  • Disobeying Signs and Signals: You may be tempted to simply pay the fine, but doing so could negatively affect your driving record and insurance rates.
  • Driving Without Insurance or a Licence: These may seem to be relatively minor violations to many clients. Unfortunately the justice system takes these extremely seriously. You may lose your licence, face heavy fines and demerit points.
  • Impaired Driving: Impairment can be caused by a number of substances such as alcohol, drugs and prescription medication. It is also referred to as Over 80 or DUI.
  • Reckless and Dangerous Driving: Whether you are speeding, stunt driving or have been involved in an accident, you may be accused of driving dangerously or recklessly. Ultimately this is often a judgment call. A police officer or witnesses to an accident may characterize your actions as reckless or dangerous after the fact. This does not mean that they are correct. We will examine all of the relevant evidence and advocate vigorously on your behalf.
  • Criminal Negligence: This is a very serious charge, often laid in conjunction with an accident involving serious bodily injury or death. It may depend on subjective opinions about your actions as a driver, and often involves eyewitness evidence.

Whatever your charge, we take your defence seriously.

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