Drug Charges and Protection of Your Charter Rights

At Creighton Law LLP, we defend drug crimes, from relatively minor to serious. Whatever situation you are faced with, we can help you understand the charge and explain your rights in dealing with your charge.

The seriousness of your situation depends on a number of factors, including the kind of drug-related activity, the type and quantity of drugs involved and any previous record.

These offences may result in serious consequences, including mandatory minimum fines and incarceration. Although there are some situations in which pleading guilty will not result in prison time, you may still suffer confiscation of your property, difficulty getting certain jobs and travel restrictions. Even after you receive a Pardon (known as a Record Suspension), you may still need to obtain a Waiver (Advance Permission to enter the United States). Obtaining a Pardon may be harder than you think.

Protecting Your Rights

After making sure that all evidence that is used against you has been properly obtained, our Lawyers will explain your options including whether you should consider entering a plea of guilty or proceed to trial. We represent clients on all drug-related charges, including:

  • Drug Possession: This drug offence involves having drugs for personal use only. There may be alternatives to a criminal conviction, including treatment for drug addiction.
  • Drug Trafficking: This is treated much more severely than mere possession, as it involves selling, giving or administering drugs to others. Sometimes clients are charged with trafficking in addition to other offences.
  • Cultivation or Production: Conviction may result in confiscation of considerable property, including your home if it was used to cultivate or produce drugs.
  • Importing: Even relatively small amounts of drugs being brought into the country can result in very severe penalties.
  • Prescription Drug Crimes: The unauthorized possession, distribution and sale of prescription medication are all illegal.

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