Custody and Access

Protecting the Children: Every Parent's Highest Priority

Few issues are as emotional for separating parents as ensuring the best interests of their children. Our clients come to us with a number of questions about how to protect their children from the negative aspects of separation and divorce. We respond with creativity and compassion.

At Creighton Law LLP, our first priority is always the best interests of your children. Our goal is to help your children adapt to the changing family dynamic, and help you arrange their lives in such a way as to maximize their emotional well-being and future stability.

More than most other areas of Family Law, resolving Custody and Access matters requires cooperation. While ready, willing and able to take your case to trial, we are always aware that you will have to cooperate with the other parent after the trial.

Forging a workable parenting plan together, outside of the Court system, sets a good example for your children. The parenting plan is more likely to be successful if both of you are invested in the plan.

Arriving at your own solutions often gives you far more flexibility than is afforded by a Judge.

Working Together for Your Children's Future

Our Family Law Lawyers will discuss:

  • Living Arrangements: One parent may have the children living with him or her most of the time. The children may split their time between the parents' homes. If there is more than one child, the children may live in different homes. The arrangement may have to be changed as the children grow, particularly if new spouses or children come into the picture, or either parent wants to move long-distance. Residence will also influence Child Support.
  • Decision-Making: Making major decisions about your children's health, education and religion are a right and responsibility. You may want to share decision-making, or split it by topic, or make some other arrangement that is uniquely suited to your family situation.
  • Contact With the Children: Who is allowed to see the children and contact them can become contentious. This is particularly true when extended family is involved, or if there are any allegations of abuse or parental alienation. We can help both sides keep the best interests of the children as their focus when discussing who will have contact with the children.

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