Domestic Contracts: Making Relationships Clear

Domestic Contracts are at the heart of Family Law. They define, in clear and concrete terms, how parties will relate to one another in a family situation.

Creighton Law LLP's Family Law Lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that your Family Law Contracts are negotiated with your interests in mind, and drafted clearly and comprehensively.

A proper Domestic Contract must be:

  • Negotiated in a manner that protects your rights and interests
  • Detailed enough to cover all matters of importance to the parties
  • Clearly drafted with no ambiguity
  • Flexible enough to take into account possible future developments
  • Signed only after obtaining Independent Legal Advice

Our Lawyers will prepare comprehensive Domestic Contracts.

Marriage, Cohabitation and Separation

Although we are called upon to draft Contracts concerning Adoption and other Family Law matters, the vast majority of the Contracts that we prepare are Agreements concerning matters to be resolved when a relationship ends.

Some couples prefer to settle these matters at the beginning of their relationship to avoid having to resolve them after the relationship has broken down. We negotiate and draft:

  • Marriage/Cohabitation Agreements (also known as Prenuptial Agreements): These Agreements are drafted at the beginning of a relationship for a variety of reasons. Some couples prefer to settle matters at a time when they are in a positive and fair frame of mind. Some have extensive or unusual property or income, or children from a previous relationship, and wish to protect them. We will help you decide matters such as property division, Spousal Support and other aspects of your relationship. We will help you to understand which decisions, such as Custody and Child Support, cannot be made ahead of time.
  • Separation Agreements: These Agreements are negotiated and drafted at the end of your relationship. They settle important matters regarding children, property, Support and anything else a couple may need to settle before going their separate ways.

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