Buying a Home in The Durham Region

Residential Real Estate includes every kind of noncommercial property you can buy in and around Oshawa and the Durham Region, including homes, condominiums, rural property, cottages and new construction.

Our goal when representing you in a Real Estate transaction is to give you a seamless experience, free of any surprises, complications or delays. Creighton Law LLP Lawyers will take care of all documentary details and protect your investment. We will answer all of your questions and guide you through the entire process. We will also discuss your options if anything goes wrong.

We are particularly pleased to help first-time homebuyers through this exciting, but sometimes confusing, important step in their lives.

Buying Your Dream Home and Avoiding a Real Estate Nightmare

Our role in helping clients who are purchasing a home involves taking care of the details so they can have a worry-free experience. We will:

  • Review your Agreement of Purchase and Sale including any special or unusual clauses or conditions
  • Make sure you understand your obligations as buyer
  • Perform the necessary searches for your property
  • Provide you with advice if we discover problems with your title or property before the closing
  • Determine whether you qualify as a first-time homebuyer, and help you obtain all benefits available to you
  • Review your Status Certificate if you are buying a condominium
  • Explain the differences between condominium property and other types of property ownership
  • Review any special conditions of your rural or cottage property
  • Review title insurance and any surveys with you
  • Prepare and register your mortgage
  • Complete the closing on your new home

Contact Creighton Law LLP

Let us assist you in completing the purchase of your new home. Contact us at 1-800-216-4970 or through our online form.