Selling Your Home in the Durham Region

Whether you are selling a home, condominium, rural property, cottage or other kind of residential Real Estate in Oshawa and the surrounding Durham Region, one of your highest priorities involves closing your sale and receiving your sale proceeds in a timely manner. Many of our clients are also in the process of buying another property, and so delays in the sale of a home may have a negative consequence on the purchase of your new home.

At Creighton Law LLP, we have the experience and skill to make sure the closing of your sale goes smoothly.

Closing the Deal

Our Lawyers will process the sale quickly and efficiently, and protect you from complications and delays. We will:

  • Explain all aspects of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, which include the sale price, timelines of the transaction, all conditions that must be satisfied and any special conditions
  • Explain your duties as seller
  • Answer all of your questions
  • Conduct necessary searches
  • Explain all fees and extra costs applicable to your sale
  • Prepare all statements
  • Review closing documents with you
  • Receive your funds
  • Contact your mortgagee to obtain your discharge statement, and pay any outstanding balance
  • Pay out costs including Real Estate commissions and closing costs

Your Duties

In order to facilitate the efficient sale of your home you will need to:

  • Give us a copy of any existing land survey, the details of your mortgage and a statement showing how much you have paid in taxes
  • Contact your utility suppliers and advise of your closing date
  • Maintain insurance on the home until the closing
  • Make your property available for any required inspection
  • Prior to closing, you need to provide us with the keys

Contact Creighton Law LLP

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