Powers of Attorney: Keeping Control Over Your Own Destiny

Most of us don't want to think about disability and incapacity. The idea of being incapable of making decisions for ourselves or being unable to communicate them is frightening. A Power of Attorney for Property and a Power of Attorney for Personal Care, sometimes referred to as a Living Will, can alleviate these concerns.

That is one of the reasons why many people do not plan for the possibility of a severe illness or accident which might take away their ability to make decisions concerning their own health and personal care, or their own finances and property.

As understandable as this reluctance may be, it may leave your loved ones in a very difficult position should you ever need substitute decision-makers. They will have to apply to the Court for Guardianship that may result in expense and delay. The Court may also appoint a Guardian whom you do not trust to speak for you, or may choose someone who may simply make decisions that you would never make.

At Creighton Law LLP, we can help you make decisions now about who will speak on your behalf, should you ever need them to do so.

Making Your Voice Heard Today

When discussing incapacity planning, our Lawyers will go over:

  • Power of Attorney for Property: The people you choose will act on your behalf to manage your finances and property.
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care: The people you choose to make medical decisions on your behalf concerning what medical treatment and care you will receive. He or she may also be called upon to decide about issues such as whether it is in your best interests to be in a care facility or stay at home with a personal attendant.
  • Necessary Conversations: We will also discuss how to talk to the people you name as your representatives. They will need to know when they may be called upon, and what they are expected to do.
  • Limits and Directives: You can specify limitations, and general wishes. For example, you can make it clear that you do not want certain kinds of medical interventions, or that you would like to have your property managed in a certain way.

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