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October 2015 Archives

Grandparents have to apply for custody and access rights

As a grandparent, you naturally feel a close connection with your grandchildren and you may even expect to have some rights as a blood-related family member. However, you need to know that custody and access rights do not go to grandparents automatically when there is a divorce. You must apply for them.

How is spousal support determined?

The awarding of spousal support in a serparation or divorce is not guaranteed in Canada. Judges can consider many factors in determining whether one spouse is awarded support and the amount of that obligation. They can also determine when and if the spouse receiving support is required to become self-supporting.

Marriage contracts are helpful if you have assets before marrying

Many couples who get married at a relatively young age may enter that marriage without much in the way of assets. They'll make their big decisions together such as buying their first house, buying a new car or purchasing a life insurance policy. They may also see their net worth go up significantly as they advance in their careers.

Understanding property division during a divorce in Ontario

When a couple is married, the law states that each spouse is responsible for earning income, childcare and household management. This equal partnership ends when a separation or divorce occurs. The wealth acquired during the marriage will need to be divided. The wealth will need to be divided, but how is that accomplished when some things are simply not dividable?

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