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November 2015 Archives

More younger Canadian women opting for common-law relationships

The number of Canadians under 50 who are divorcing is down and the number who are choosing to live with their significant other without a marriage license is up. That's according to data reported in the 2011 census and National Household Survey. The rate of women in common-law marriages is up significantly from thirty years prior.

How can you handle holidays following a divorce?

Following a divorce, it takes time for everyone to settle into a routine and come to terms with the new normal. This is especially true for families with children. Custody battles and changes can actually go on long after a divorce is final. Even families who have successfully created a new normal, might experience some bumps when it comes to holidays.

Man finds out error in Canadian registry is preventing divorce

In theory, getting divorced should be a fairly simple process as long as there aren't many areas of contention. One man who has been separated for six years from his wife is finding out just how complicated a divorce can be if everything isn't done just right.

Common questions children have about separation and divorce

For children, separation and divorce can be very difficult, in large part because it's all so confusing to a child. Life is changing, but children aren't always sure exactly what is happening. Below are a few common questions and answers that kids tend to raise. It's important for both parents and children to be aware of these things in Ontario.

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