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Common questions children have about separation and divorce

For children, separation and divorce can be very difficult, in large part because it's all so confusing to a child. Life is changing, but children aren't always sure exactly what is happening. Below are a few common questions and answers that kids tend to raise. It's important for both parents and children to be aware of these things in Ontario.

1. Do parents separate before legally divorcing?

In a lot of cases, yes, parents will split up and live on their own—known as separation—without actually getting divorced. They could live this way for a long time before they go to court and have the divorce finalized.

2. Where do children live? Are living arrangements the same for separation and divorce?

Living situations are often dictated by things like separation agreements or child custody agreements. Whether a child's parents are separated or divorced, though, their responsibilities to the children remain. They have obligations to give a child a safe living situation and to provide for him or her. Often, children will live with one parent the majority of the time and then visit the other parent, though it all depends on the specific situation and agreement.

3. Can children avoid moving?

Not always, but it is possible. For example, the agreement may dictate that a child gets to stay in the family home with the parent who keeps it, visiting the other parent. However, if the house has to be sold so the money can be divided, children will have to move.

4. Do children have a voice?

Children can absolutely have a voice in the process. While a child will never be forced to pick where to live, if a child has a preference, it will be considered.

Source: Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, "Where Do I Stand? A Child's Legal Guide to Separation and Divorce," accessed Nov. 05, 2015

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