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4 key questions to ask when parents split up

When determining child custody and access rights, along with a parenting plan, there are four key questions that parents need to ask. The answers to these can help to craft the ideal plan. Living apart makes things complicated, but it doesn't mean the right plan can't be good for the child.

1. Where should the child live?

This is the most basic question and the basis for everything else. It addresses where the child will spend the majority of his or her time. Typically, time will not be split exactly evenly between each parent, as it may be better for the child to be close to school, friends and the like.

2. How much time should each parent spent with the child?

A lot of factors play into this, such as how far apart the parents live and what their work schedules are like. Your relationship itself may also matter; are you on good terms and willing to be with the child at the same time, or would you rather each have your own time?

3. How are the major decisions going to be made?

Major decisions include things like where the child goes to school, what type of medical care he or she gets, what religion the child is brought up in and the like.

4. What role does each parent want and deserve to have?

Some parents prefer to have a more hands-off approach, where they spend time with the child but don't make any decisions. Others want to be asked about every decision and to be given more of a voice.

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