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Everything you need to know about spousal support

Are you getting divorced or considering it, and wondering if you have the ability to ask for spousal support? If so, it's wise to know as much as possible in advance. Below are the answers to a few key questions.

Q: What is spousal support?

A: Essentially, spousal support is just money paid by one person to the other after the two spouses divorce or separate.

Q: Why is spousal support needed?

A: It's often needed when one spouse was the main earner for the family and the other will not be able to support his or her lifestyle after the divorce. It's commonly used when only one spouse works.

Q: Can common-law spouses ask for support?

A: Yes. A common-law relationship does need to be three years long, though. The exception is if the people are in an important relationship and have a child.

Q: Do spouses need to become self-sufficient?

A: Yes. There is an expectation by the court that this will be the person's goal, and that he or she will attempt to do so as soon as possible.

Q: Is spousal support the same as child support?

A: It is not. In fact, one spouse can be ordered to pay or receive both.

Q: Does the judge choose how long it will last?

A: Yes. Judges look at many different factors, such as how likely a person is to become self-sufficient, and then they can rule on how long one person has to pay spousal support to the other person for. This can vary from case to case.

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