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Property division: Is it always fair?

If your relationship ends in divorce, it won't be long before you are learning more about property division. What will you get to keep? What will your spouse get? How are the tough decisions made?

Property division disputes are common, as both sides want to get as much as possible as the result of a divorce.

Family property can include a variety of assets, all of which are taken into consideration by the court:

-- Family home as well as any second homes

-- Retirement accounts

-- Investments, such as stocks and bonds

-- Family business interests

-- Vehicles, including cars, boats, and RVs

-- Personal possessions

Here is something that many people overlook: Debts must be divided during divorce as well.

While you are caught up wondering who will get what, you cannot afford to overlook the fact that you could be burdened with some of the debt that you accumulated during your marriage.

Also, some type of property is considered exempt from division, such as inheritances and gifts that are brought into the marriage by one person.

The court does whatever it takes to ensure that the property division process is fair. If you want to be 100 percent sure about this, it's best to know your legal rights. This is where we can help.

Our lawyers know that property division is a sticking point during many divorces. It can be extremely stressful to split up property that you have worked so hard for. Discussing your case with an attorney can put your mind at ease.

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