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An annulment is easier said than done

Did you marry somebody on a whim? Are you beginning to regret your decision? Have you come to the conclusion that you want to move on without this other person in your life?

If you find yourself in this position, there are a few things you can do. Many people start out by considering an annulment. Soon enough, however, they realize that this is easier said than done. For this reason, many couples then move down the path towards divorce.

In Ontario, for example, civil annulments are rare. While you may be interested in this, the court will have a different idea. And as you know, this is what matters most.

There is a big difference between an annulment and a divorce. With a divorce, you are taking the steps towards dissolving an existing marriage. An annulment, on the other hand, means that the union was invalid in the first place, making the marriage void, like it never occurred.

An annulment and divorce are not one in the same in regards to how they are treated by the court. This has a big impact on property division, for instance.

If for any reason you want to split with your spouse, you will likely have to go through divorce. It is possible to request an annulment and have it granted, but this is not something the court takes lightly. They are more likely to turn you down, meaning a divorce remains your best option.

Although divorce may not be the ideal situation, you can still end up in a better place.

Source:, "Seeking annulment for a quickie marriage? It's not that easy," Andrea Gordon, March 22, 2016

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