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Pet snake comes into play in child custody case

When it comes to child custody, the court has to take many details into consideration. Sometimes, the situation is so unique that the judge may not have much experience to fall back on.

Recently, a judge told a father that he must keep his pet snake locked up if he is interested in having his child visit his home. Furthermore, he noted that the mere presence of the snake was not enough for the court to rule against the father sharing custody. The judge added the following, "The only objective risk that this situation presents is that the child, without the knowledge of Monsieur, could open the door of the tank to get a closer look at the animal."

Despite the fact that the judge granted the father custody every other weekend, the mother of the child was none too happy due to the presence of the snake. Fortunately, to make things more acceptable for both sides, the judge added a stipulation that the snake must be locked up when the child visits.

It was also noted that the snake did not pose much risk to the child, being that it is non-venomous and only five centimeters in width.

These are the types of situations that make it so difficult for the court to decide what is right and what is wrong in regards to child custody. In this case, the judge decided that the child could continue to have visits with the father as long as the snake is locked up. This appears to be the best decision for all parties involved.

As a parent with child custody concerns, it's important to understand the law and how it will impact your situation. A lawyer can provide more information.

Source: CBC News, "Lock up your boa if you want to share custody of your child, judge tells father," Angelica Montgomery, July 07, 2016

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