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Adopting a child is complex and lengthy

Adopting a child is one way that some people opt to enlarge their family. When you want to adopt a child, you will have to go through a specific process in order to do so. This process is to ensure that the child who is being adopted is placed in a suitable and stable family environment.

Learn the options you have for child custody matters

In our previous blog post, we mentioned some of the differences between custody and access. These points are very important for parents who are battling over their children. We know that most parents are ready for the child custody issues to be resolved so that they can move along with raising their children. The ultimate goal for child custody cases is to provide the child with the best arrangement for them so that they can enjoy a stable life.

What are custody and access in Canadian family law cases?

Family law cases that involve children are very serious matters. In some cases, parents work out agreements on their own and in others, they turn to the court system to make the choices about custody and access. If you are in the midst of a case that has to do with child custody and access, you should make sure that you understand what these two terms mean.

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