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Children may require special attention after a divorce

The decision to end a marriage often comes after a long period of deliberation. To many, a divorce may seem like the only way to feel happy again. For divorcing parents, however, it is equally important to consider the feelings of the child or children, for they are also involved. A recently published study suggests ways in which parents in Ontario and elsewhere can support their children after a separation.

Key financial considerations to make during a divorce

Statistics Canada reports that the average married Canadian has about a 40 per cent chance of ending up divorcedd. As it happens, the number one day for divorce, the first Monday of the new year, is rapidly approaching. With that in mind, it may be good to review some financial tips for residents of Oshawa who may be heading toward a separation.

Marriage agreements becoming more common between young couples

The possibility of a marriage ending is not a pleasant consideration for most young couples and newlyweds. Nevertheless, studies indicate that many millennials are taking precautions with their assets and having marriage agreements prepared. While not a romantic gesture, it may well be a smart move for many Ontario men and women.

In a divorce, a spouse's behaviour likely won't impact settlement

In an ideal world, when a husband and wife choose to separate, they will do so via moderation, or some form of alternative dispute resolution, for a peaceful and civil dissolution of the union. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, especially if the divorce is the result of one partner's unacceptable behaviour. For some, it may come as a surprise to learn that this behaviour is not likely to change the financial details of a litigated separation in Ontario.

Grandparents' rights after divorce may finally change in Ontario

When men and women with children separate, their concerns for their families are often restricted to themselves and their children. However, extended family can sometimes be just as important, though they are often left out of considerations. A group of Ontario grandparents is seeking to change the opportunities for their inclusion in divorce and custody proceedings.

Money issues to consider during a divorce

There are many reasons why couples sometimes end up separating. Perhaps the most common factor, however, is money. Financial issues can cause a lot of strain on a marriage, and they are one of the top reasons for getting a divorce. Unfortunately, money troubles do not end when a pair decides to split; there are many fiscal choices to be made during a divorce, including some that people rarely consider.

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