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Child custody and access: Setting parental visitation parameters

When parents get divorced, there are many difficult decisions to be made. Perhaps the most difficult, and the most contested, decisions are those that concern child custody arrangements. It may often seen that arriving at one set of agreements only opens up a new area of concern to be dealt with. Case in point: determining access after sole custody has been granted.

Child custody battles can lead to parental alienation

Generally speaking, two adults who choose to divorce in Ontario have entered willingly into the process. The same cannot be said for any children who may be involved. Divorce is hard on children, and child custody decisions should be made with the best interests of the children at heart. While it is always hoped that such choices can be made in a cooperative manner, this isn't always the case, and some parents will attempt to push their own agenda.

Couples may consider cohabitation agreements for legal protection

Statistics in Canada indicate that more than ever, couples are opting to live together without getting married for longer periods of time. Some couples even choose to forgo marriage altogether. However, people who decide to commit to a long-term relationship may want to think about devising cohabitation agreements to protect their individual rights in the event of a separation.

Be careful arguing over pets during a divorce, judge warns

When two people choose to end a marriage, they have begun what can be a very long process. Even couples without children have many details that need to be settled during the divorce. For example, everything accumulated during the relationship needs to be divided between the two parties, from homes and cars all the way down to knick-knacks and cutlery. And for some people, difficult decisions must be made about pets; one judge from west of Ontario is recommending they be made outside the courtroom. 

Child custody dispute leads to nationwide alert for missing girl

Disputes during or after a divorce are not unusual. Child custody issues, in particular, can often lead to bitter arguments in court, or in a law office. In rare cases, things can get nearly out of hand, as was the case with a mother who ended up being arrested for abduction in southern Ontario recently.

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