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Seasonal increase in divorce seen after holiday times

The holidays in Ontario are traditionally a time for family gatherings and joyous reunions. For men and women unhappy in their marriages, however, they can be upsetting and stressful days. Some may even find themselves thinking about divorce. Experts agree, they're not alone.

A study of divorce filings in the United States from 2008 to 2011 shows a consistent spike in the month of January. A secondary peak appears in late March. Internet searches for divorce-related terms also increase in volume during December and January by as much as 50 percent.  Furthermore, experts point to an additional increase in business in September, after summer vacations are over and kids are back in school.

The consensus is that the strain of the holidays makes emotions run high, and people that are already experiencing marital discord begin thinking about taking action. However, no one wants to be seen as having spoiled the holidays, so they wait until after the festivities wind down. It is also theorized that some more materially focused individuals are waiting for a spouse's year-end bonus to come in so that it becomes part of the marital assets.

For most people, choosing to pursue a divorce is not an easy decision, regardless of the season. It is certainly something that requires a lot of thought before action is taken. No matter what stage a person is at, though, he or she may find value in speaking with an Ontario family law attorney. An experienced professional can offer advice, guidance and legal support during what will likely be a confusing and emotional time.

Source:, "January, nicknamed "Divorce Month," opportune for unhappy couples", Nicole Valdes, Dec. 26, 2016

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