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March 2017 Archives

Financial considerations of divorce after a long separation

Just because a married couple has gone through the necessary steps to get a separation doesn't necessarily mean they are ready to take the next step and formally end the union. There are numerous financial aspects worth considering before filing for a divorce. This is true no matter how much time has passed since a physical separation. 

Under family law, delinquent support payers may face trouble

While no one can force a non-custodial parent to be a part of his or her child's life, the same is not true for any financial obligations agreed upon, or ordered by the court. Family law in Ontario is set up to provide for the welfare of children after a divorce, separation or even if the parents were never together. Failure to uphold one's responsibilities may have consequences.

Division of major assets during a divorce in Ontario

A person's life after the end of a marriage may look very different than it once did. Divorce changes more than just marital status; the money coming in, the things surrounding a person, maybe even the home one lives in, may all have changed. In order to begin preparing for a new life, it may be helpful to have some understanding of what will happen to some of the key assets in a marriage.

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