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April 2017 Archives

Ontario grandparents have rights after a divorce

A popular saying tells parents everywhere that it takes a village to raise a child. While the literal meaning may no longer hold true in modern society, certainly parents are not the only ones who can have a nurturing relationship with a child. As people live longer, and as more families include two working parents, grandparents often play an important role in raising children. Unfortunately, many grandparents are left out of the plans after a divorce in Ontario, though that may soon change.

Self-representation may have led to unworkable divorce settlement

The financial cost of ending a marriage can be high sometimes. It is difficult to blame a person for looking for ways to curb the expenses of a divorce. One unfortunate man from the Oshawa area has been saddled with a support obligation that is the stuff of nightmares, and his decision to cut costs may have been partially to blame.

MPP presents bill to amend child support rules in Family Law Act

There are times when the law fails to accommodate certain groups of people. When this happens, there are those who will challenge the exclusion, and others who seek to fix the problem. The story of an Ontario mom fighting for child support and the politician who wants to change the Family Law Act perfectly illustrates such an occasion.

When feelings are ignored, a child custody fight can become ugly

Family law issues are not restricted to people getting divorced. However, even in the absence of bitter, post-separation emotions, non-divorce squabbles can turn just as sour. In a child custody case tried in Ontario, one woman showed just how far some people will go to win a fight.

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