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Understanding divorce arbitration in Ontario

Many people grew up hearing stories or watching television programs in which a husband and wife slug it out alongside their lawyers in a courtroom battle. As a result, this image essentially defines divorce for those who have not been through it. The truth is, there are many options available to men and women in Ontario seeking to end their marriages other than going to court. One of those options is arbitration, though the process may not be a familiar one.

Baby boomers are avoiding divorce by not getting married

A classic joke that probably dates back to the days of vaudeville has a patient telling a doctor, "It hurts when I do this." The doctor sagely responds, "Then don't do that!" Perhaps that sums up the approach of many baby boomers that seem so intent on not getting a divorce that they're not getting married at all, at least in later life. Not getting married, however, does not mean never having to deal with an Ontario family law issue.

During a divorce, the marital home may have to go

For most married couples in Ontario, their home is their most valuable asset. It may also be the most problematic during a divorce. Deciding who, if anyone will keep the home can become a contentious issue where hearts battle with heads to make a very important decision. So key is the marital home, a niche industry has sprung up to support those who choose to sell.

Family law orders reach across provincial borders

It is said that one cannot run away from trouble, because there isn't anywhere far enough away. Certainly one cannot escape from a family law order simply by leaving the province of issue. A court-ordered obligation will follow a person wherever he or she goes in Canada, and is enforceable in any district. A former resident of Ontario may soon learn the full extent to which one can be punished for shirking a judge's order.

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