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June 2017 Archives

Divorce over money disputes prevalent in Ontario

Marriage and business have many similarities. As in business, financial matters in marriages play an important role, and if the partners fail to be open about money matters, problems may arise. Sadly, money is cited as the source of contention in many Ontario marriages that end in divorce.

Marriage agreements -- valuable in the time leading up to divorce

While some people in Ontario may cringe at the mention of a prenuptial agreement, a professionally drafted one has many advantages. Motor vehicle owners take out insurance to protect against the possibility of an accident -- not because they expect to crash. Those getting married sign marriage agreements to protect against the possibility of a subsequent divorce or of one spouse's death during the marriage.

Divorce selfies: making a case for a civilized split in Ontario

For many adults, the only exposure they ever had to a marriage ending was what they saw on a daytime soap opera. On TV, battling spouses slugged it out in a courtroom with tears flying and tempers spilling over. Though sometimes a divorce can get ugly, most divorces in Ontario are nothing like that at all. In fact, some former couples even stop to take a selfie after the deed is done.

How parents handle a divorce may affect the health of their kids

Any conscientious parent is aware that how a parent behaves has an impact on a child's emotional well-being. This is especially the case during times of great stress, such as during a divorce. A new study reveals that children of divorce may also suffer physically. Though the study focused on kids in another country, the results are almost certainly applicable here in Oshawa.

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