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Divorce selfies: making a case for a civilized split in Ontario

For many adults, the only exposure they ever had to a marriage ending was what they saw on a daytime soap opera. On TV, battling spouses slugged it out in a courtroom with tears flying and tempers spilling over. Though sometimes a divorce can get ugly, most divorces in Ontario are nothing like that at all. In fact, some former couples even stop to take a selfie after the deed is done.

The divorce selfie is an odd phenomenon that could only happen in this age. Not only is the selfie a ubiquitous part of social media, but couples ending a marriage also have more options than ever before. Litigation is not the only way to end things.

Nearly a quarter of all divorcing couples in Canada have a child under the age of 18. How the parents treat each other and their child can have a significant effect on the child's life. A study from the United States found that kids whose parents had a messy divorce were more than twice as likely to deal with poverty and have difficulty getting into post-secondary school, as were children whose parents divorced more amicably. Children who feel supported and secure during and after the divorce of their parents are better able to thrive.

Instead of choosing litigation and conflict, parents may opt for an alternative, such as mediation. A non-confrontational divorce can lay the foundations for building a positive co-parenting future. Any man or woman wishing to know more should talk with a lawyer who is familiar with family law in Ontario.

Source: Global News, "Here's what "divorce selfies" are teaching us about amicable break-ups, co-parenting", Dani-Elle Dube, June 6, 2017

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