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How parents handle a divorce may affect the health of their kids

Any conscientious parent is aware that how a parent behaves has an impact on a child's emotional well-being. This is especially the case during times of great stress, such as during a divorce. A new study reveals that children of divorce may also suffer physically. Though the study focused on kids in another country, the results are almost certainly applicable here in Oshawa.

Researchers from a pair of universities in Spain looked at 467 children between the ages of 2 and 18. Some of the kids' parents were together, and others had divorced. The scientists made a comparative study of the health of all the children and made a remarkable discovery.

According to their research, the children with divorced parents were around twice as likely to suffer from neurological, dermatological, genitourinary, or gastrointestinal conditions than the kids from intact families. There was no corresponding increase in occurrences of allergies, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, hearing or sight issues. The prevailing theory among the authors of the study is that parents that do not handle their divorce in a civil manner and expose their children to consistently negative emotions create toxic levels of stress in their children. This stress in turn causes the physical ailments.

It would be nearly impossible to entirely shield a child from the negative emotions that come with a divorce. However, by choosing to treat each other with respect, it may be possible to greatly limit the amount and degree of negativity to which the children are exposed. Choosing a nonconfrontational approach to divorce, such as mediation, may be the key. Any man or woman in Oshawa, or the surrounding area, who is seeking a divorce can speak with a lawyer to learn about alternatives to unpleasant litigation.

Source:, "Parents' Divorce Increases Risk of Health Disorders in Children", May 24, 2017

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