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August 2017 Archives

Ontario divorce a life-altering decision for both men and women

Sometimes statistics don't get it quite right. In the recent past, there have been reports that women, more often than men, commence divorce proceedings. Of the two-thirds of married couples who opt for divorce, 69 per cent are initiated by women. The research suggests this dynamic may only be true of couples who are formally married and excludes those who, like many Ontario couples, are living together and for whom legal divorce is not an option.

Family law: Census results show changes in family dynamics

More than a year ago, 35 million residents of Canada, including those in Ontario, took part in a census of which Statistics Canada recently published the detailed analysis. One of the most significant observations is that there has been a significant shift in the dynamics of family life nationwide. Due to these changes, issues related to family law may also become more diverse, and new challenges may arise for families and the courts.

Cohabitation agreements are building blocks for Ontario couples

Canada is a vast country which extends "from coast to coast to coast." Provincial laws, as a result, can vary widely from province to province, and from territory to province. This includes how each part of the federation views unmarried couples and their rights and obligations toward each other when they decide to dissolve their living arrangements. In such cases, cohabitation agreements can provide a reassuring foundation for moving forward in an amicable and cooperative spirit.

Alienated grandparents have rights under Ontario family law

It is said that about 75,000 grandparents in Ontario have no or limited access to their grandchildren. A bill was recently passed in the province that modifies existing family law to allow grandparents to apply for custody or access to grandchildren. The court will expect the applying grandparents to prove that such access will be in the children's best interests.

Divorce is not necessarily controlled by a judge

Ending marriages in Canada is not at all unusual. In fact, almost every person in Ontario probably has a friend or family member who has gone through a divorce. The statistics gathered in the census in 2011 indicate that the number of Canadians who have gone through divorces or separations in the 20 years prior to that is five million. The issues of every family are unique, and so is every divorce -- the only given is that it is likely to be painful and emotional.

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