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Divorce is not necessarily controlled by a judge

Ending marriages in Canada is not at all unusual. In fact, almost every person in Ontario probably has a friend or family member who has gone through a divorce. The statistics gathered in the census in 2011 indicate that the number of Canadians who have gone through divorces or separations in the 20 years prior to that is five million. The issues of every family are unique, and so is every divorce -- the only given is that it is likely to be painful and emotional.

Fortunately, the dynamics of divorces have gone through positive changes that provide couples with opportunities to negotiate their own settlement agreements. Through mediation or collaboration, couples can decide how their property must be divided, who will be responsible for remaining joint debts, and other financial issues. Parenting plans and other child-related issues can also be decided by the parents rather than by an unfamiliar judge without insight into the family dynamics.

While many couples manage to work through their divorces calmly and amicably, there will always be those divorces in which hostility makes it almost unbearable. For that reason, some spouses who are involved in contentious break-ups suffer from depression, anxiety or even develop problems with alcohol or substance abuse. These troubles can be exacerbated if disputes lead to court battles over child issues or property distribution.

However, for every divorcing couple in Ontario, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless of the level of contention or cooperation, there are experienced divorce lawyers who can provide the necessary support and guidance to ease the process for all. A lawyer can make sure the client is fully informed about his or her legal rights and prepared for every process as the divorce proceeds. Furthermore, a lawyer can help the person to develop strategies for the post-divorce life-adjustments that will be necessary.

Source: Huffington Post Canada, "Divorce In Canada: 20 Things You Need To Know", Terri Coles, Accessed on July 21, 2017

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