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Ontario divorce a life-altering decision for both men and women

Sometimes statistics don't get it quite right. In the recent past, there have been reports that women, more often than men, commence divorce proceedings. Of the two-thirds of married couples who opt for divorce, 69 per cent are initiated by women. The research suggests this dynamic may only be true of couples who are formally married and excludes those who, like many Ontario couples, are living together and for whom legal divorce is not an option.

Inferences drawn from research which omit such a relevant distinction may mislead married couples in Ontario and even engender distrust in one or the other partner. Commentators may extrapolate gender-specific satisfaction levels that are far from precise or comprehensive, tarring all with the same brush. A husband may begin to wonder if his wife is secretly unhappy simply because a media myth concluded that, as a married woman, she is inclined to be so.

An Ontario family law practitioner with experience counselling those facing divorce proceedings can help a client  focus on all issues pertinent to his or her transition. Without the distraction of misinformation or hype, the individual can move forward with confidence. Legal assistance often facilitates communication and provides clarity throughout the divorce process.

Deciding to live together or unite in a formal marriage are very different commitments. Each is viewed distinctly under Ontario statutes, which carry out adjudication accordingly. Causes of divorce may not hinge on current cultural models but rather on decisions unique to every person seeking a life change. Securing the counsel of a family law lawyer might diminish unwarranted or irrelevant concerns and clear the decks to help navigate toward an amicable divorce.

Source:, "Why women are more likely to initiate divorce", Yanan Wang, Accessed on Aug. 21, 2017

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