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Does Ontario family law allow a divorced parent to relocate?

Following a divorce in Ontario, life goes on and typically has many twists and turns -- many of which are not anticipated. Regardless of carefully drafted parenting plans, divorced parents may have to make choices that might involve relocation. While this happens to countless other parents, when divorced parents want to relocate with their children, navigation of plans must comply with family law.

Ontario family law and the debatable influence of science

Deciding to separate or divorce is challenging enough. When children are involved, the gravity of that decision is rendered even more agonizing by current socio-cultural views that either applaud or disparage the effects on children. Longstanding science studies maintain that the dissolution of a marriage can create an unhealthy livingĀ environment for a child, while more recent research points to the opposite. The presence of an experienced Ontario lawyer may provide reassurance that any family law adjudications do not rest on mercurial scientific recommendations.

Family law and special expenses for children of divorce

When Ontario couples divorce, clean breaks from each other are typically only possible when there are no children involved. Family law will keep divorced parents linked through their children for as long as the children are minors. Although child support is typically a court-ordered amount, as children grow older, there will always be special expenses that must be considered.

Offers to settle in Ontario family law may have costs attached

It is not part of the traditional marriage vow but the word "compromise" may figure significantly in the dissolution of a marriage. Unfortunately, compromise is laden with connotations that do not at all describe how it can promote mutually satisfactory, progressive solutions to issues which arise during formal divorce proceedings. In Ontario family law matters, reaching agreement toward the settlement of any one mutual concern can help create a conciliatory pathway forward.

New study confirms shared child custody benefits all

No matter the way one looks at divorce, young children will always have a hard time adjusting to the altered circumstances. The changes in their primary support systems typically bring about anxiety, which also affects the parents who try to work out child custody arrangements that will least affect the children. A new international study recently confirmed what Ontario authorities in child-related matters already knew -- spending equal amounts of time with both parents promotes the best outcome when it comes to the mental health of children of divorce.

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