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ADR – The Benefits Of Out-Of-Court Divorce Solutions

Family law cases are difficult at the best of times and more so when partners can’t agree on what should happen next. Luckily, you can get help from a family law professional that will help you and your partner work through issues or make a decision for you.

You can ask for help at any point whether trying to resolve issues on your own, creating a separation agreement, or going through family court.

What can ADR do for you?

When a family law professional works with you, there are different ways that they can use to resolve issues. These processes are called alternative dispute resolution (ADR), because they involve options that avoid going to court.

There are a number of good reasons to try ADR, simply because you have more control over what happens to your case. There are other benefits; mainly that it takes place in private, away from the stress of a courtroom setting. ADR can also accomplish a resolution to your issues faster and often less expensive than a court proceeding.

When should you try a different method?

Of course there are also situations in which ADR would not be a good choice. If your partner has a history of drug abuse or mental health issues and you are afraid of them, taking your case to court may be a better choice. If you are unable to talk to or work with your partner, even with help, a courtroom setting could be a better option.

Even in difficult situations, a family law professional can find a way to make the difficult process of separation fair and safe for you.

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