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January 2018 Archives

Child custody: What are the options for access arrangements?

When Ontario parents divorce, there are different options when it comes to access. Parents who can keep their relationship amicable may agree to reasonable access. This will allow them to make informal arrangements for child custody that could be modified to suit changing circumstances. If their relationship does not allow this, the more formal option of fixed access may be ordered.

Family law: Federal or provincial child support guidelines?

When Ontario couples with children file for divorce, the parents may have questions about child support laws. They may not understand when federal or provincial family law applies to their situation. In Canada, family law responsibility is shared by provincial and federal governments with some guidelines for child support being governed by federal law, and others by provincial law.

Family law in Ontario allows grandparents to seek access

Until 2016, when Bill 34 became effective in Ontario, grandparents were not explicitly mentioned with relation to access or visitation. Family law advocates worked to strengthen grandparents' rights for years before the Children's Law Reform Amendment Act (Relationship with Grandparents) was finally passed. While this did not significantly change existing laws, the act now specifically mentions grandparents.

In some circumstances divorce may be unavoidable

Deciding to end a marriage is typically a tough choice to make for any person in Ontario. While many types of marital problems may be resolved through counselling and the will of both spouses to find solutions, some circumstances may only be remedied through a divorce. Although some try persistently to change the ways of erring spouses, certain deep-seated character flaws cannot be improved unless that person wants it to change.

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