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In some circumstances divorce may be unavoidable

Deciding to end a marriage is typically a tough choice to make for any person in Ontario. While many types of marital problems may be resolved through counselling and the will of both spouses to find solutions, some circumstances may only be remedied through a divorce. Although some try persistently to change the ways of erring spouses, certain deep-seated character flaws cannot be improved unless that person wants it to change.

When a spouse is subjected to emotional and physical abuse, love will not change the situation. If a person is struck once, it will more than likely happen over and over again, and being humiliated and called names are also unacceptable behaviour which could harm not only a spouse but also any children who have to witness or endure it. Infidelity is another trait that typically repeats itself. Although some marriages can be repaired after an affair, the lack of trust will likely remain and fester over time.

In circumstances in which one spouse has no control over his or her spending, the other spouse may be buried in debt with no control over the situation. Years of financial hardship can be in the pipeline, and ridding oneself from such a spouse might be the only remedy. Then there is the problem of addiction. Regardless of whether it is drugs, alcohol, gambling or another vice, an addict will only take charge and seek rehabilitation if he or she wants to overcome an addiction. An addict can drag his or her family down into deep despair that can become a vicious circle.

Being in any of the above situations is like being caught in a spider's web. While escaping is a battle, getting away might be essential. Any Ontario spouse with questions about divorce procedures and his or her legal rights may find answers from an experienced divorce lawyer who can provide the necessary support and guidance -- often along with valuable advice.

Source:, "4 Valid Reasons For Getting a Divorce", Cathy Meyer, Accessed on Dec. 8, 2017

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