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March 2018 Archives

Tips for retirement planning after divorce

Ending a marriage later in life can come with many unique challenges. Among these are concerns about how the divorce will affect retirement plans and financial security. While children may be grown and homes may be paid off for older divorcees, plans for leaving work behind or moving somewhere new for retirement may be thrown off by the life change. While it may not be easy, there are some steps individuals in Ontario can take to work towards their retirement as a newly single person.

Cryptocurrency complicates some divorce settlements

Cyptocurrencies have created many questions for a variety of industries and transactions. There are many discussions on how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can operate in practice, especially with difficult financial matters such as Ontario divorce settlements. Experts worry that the secrecy and lack of outside access innate in the cryptocurrency systems may make it easier for people to hide these assets from a soon-to-be ex, as well as making it more difficult to divide assets altogether.

Managing the challenges of a divorce with a shared business

Couples often have to work out agreements regarding property or dependant children when they divorce, but what about those who share a business together? For farming couples in Ontario, valuable acreage, family legacies and an uncertain industry can make divorce an even more challenging affair for those involved. Understanding the financial situation and having independent legal, financial and emotional support are critical during such an undertaking.

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