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Announcing a divorce as a united front usually the best tactic

Many couples look forward to announcing engagements and marriages, but announcing a marital breakdown is a very different matter. Finding a delicate way to inform friends, family, co-workers and even social media followers for higher-profile individuals is important in preparing for the healthiest possible divorce. Ontario couples who are divorcing or separating should consider a few tips before breaking the news publicly.

The first thing Ontario individuals and couples should do when announcing a divorce is to avoid oversharing or blaming the other party in a public forum. While it is possible that some people may feel that the breakup is mostly the others' fault, there is little to be gained by blaming and shaming an ex when announcing a divorce. If possible, work together to come up with a joint plan for what to say when people ask for the reasons behind the breakup.

It is ideal to break the news to family and friends as a couple. Keeping a united front in sharing this news can help things feel less uncomfortable. It is particularly beneficial for children to see parents being respectful to one another during this difficult time.

These tips may be very helpful for some Ontario couples, but others may find it more difficult to present a united front when announcing a divorce. For example, relationships where a lot of animosity has been developed or marriages ending due to abuse can present additional challenges when announcing the divorce. In these cases, it is a good idea to discuss the decision with a lawyer prior to announcing it to many others to understand what behaviours are in the best interest of any children involved and any divorce case that may unfold.

Source:, "How To Tell People You're Getting Divorced", Claire Lampen Apr, April 3, 2018

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