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Social media restrictions are now in some marriage agreements

When people negotiate a prenuptial agreement, finances and property are usually the primary issues at play. Ontario couples may cover other items in their marriage agreements, such as child custody, that do not directly relate to money. Most recently, another clause has been added to these legal documents: social media restrictions.

In many relationships, one party may be a more avid social media user while the other prefers privacy. For these couples, clarifying what personal moments and information can and cannot be shared on these channels may be a good consideration when drafting a prenup. For example, people may ask that their spouse only share photos with their permission or that they not post about shared children.

But what happens when one party breaches this agreement? Consequences can be clarified in these marriage agreements as well, and typically they involve a hefty fine. This type of agreement can be useful to have in place in case of a divorce, as it extends protections against an angry ex airing dirty laundry on social media.

Many couples have unspoken rules around social media sharing, while others have clear verbal agreements to check in before sharing something personal, embarrassing or harmful to the others' reputations. It is a good idea to clarify and solidify these agreements as much as possible; one person's understanding of what is personal or embarrassing can be different than another person's standards for the same thing. One option is to use an Ontario lawyer draft marriage agreements, including restrictions on social media in the document or documents.

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