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July 2018 Archives

Surprises women may deal with when going through divorce

In a recent online survey of 1,785 women, almost half say that breaking off a marriage brought financial surprises. The survey included women who had finalized their divorces, as well as some who said divorce was on the horizon or who were in the process of working out final paperwork. The surprises these women tend to experience may be worth considering for Ontario women looking to terminate their marriages.

Understanding Ontario family law

Many people don't consider family law until they are faced with a relationship issue, such as a divorce or custody dispute. However, it is a good idea for Ontario individuals and families to have an understanding of what family law encompasses. This can help them protect themselves with pre-planning and help them ask the right questions should an issue emerge.

How to co-parent with shared child custody

Divorce isn't easy for anyone, but those with children have even more issues to worry about. Most Ontario parents working through shared child custody will need to learn how to co-parent effectively. While this can be difficult at first, good habits and a child-centered attitude can help these arrangements to work.

When does property cease being "marital" in a divorce?

Marital property typically refers to assets obtained during the course of a marriage. But with many Ontario divorces taking several years, including a long period of separation, many wonder when assets obtained by either party cease being marital property. Since support is governed by federal rules while property is governed by provincial legislation, the answer to this question can vary depending on what divorce issue is being negotiated.

Splitting Canada Pension Plan Credits: What You Should Know

When a marriage ends, part of the process requires that couples divide their property. In Ontario, the contributions of both spouses throughout the duration of the relationship are recognized and typically shared equally. In some instances, there may be exceptions such as excluded property or one spouse could owe the other equalization payments.

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