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Advice on adjusting to post-divorce life

No couple gets married thinking with the intention of divorcing, but statistics show that many of those who walk down the aisle will not stay married. Divorce can be a difficult process for people, from managing Ontario family law issues to recovering emotionally and financially. Here are a few tips for those looking to adjust to being single again.

Mourning is often necessary when dealing with a loss, and divorce certainly falls into that category. Feelings of grief over the loss of what a couple hoped their marriage would be are normal, and should be worked through the same way as any other mourning process. Many people may try to numb the pain or ignore it altogether, but understanding that grief and sadness are normal can help people to find healthy ways to cope.

Adjusting to living alone can be difficult. It's a good idea for people to remind themselves that many, many people live by themselves and that there are ways to get comfortable doing so. Jumping into a new relationship too quickly for fear of being alone can often backfire.

Besides working through emotions and adjusting to being alone, divorcees should also take steps toward building self-esteem after a divorce. This can be done by taking up a new skill or hobby, indulging in "me" time and working through issues with a mental health professional. Those going through a divorce in Ontario should also find a trusted lawyer to offer support and guidance on legal matters such as property division and child support.

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