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September 2018 Archives

Cohabitation agreements and other steps for moving in together

Setting expectations and boundaries is important for any couple, especially when they are about to take the next step in their relationship. For many couples in Ontario, living together is happening earlier and earlier in relationships, as a growing number of unmarried adults choose to live with a significant other. In these cases cohabitation agreements can be important, especially when it comes to finances.

Family lawyers prefer mediation to settle separation disputes

Family lawyers in Ontario overwhelmingly prefer to use mediation to resolve disputes between separating couples, says a Canadian Forum on Civil Justice survey. Mediation is often less expensive, faster, and less contentious for couples working their way through a separation or divorce. The Canadian Research Institute for the Law and the Family surveyed 160 lawyers in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario about family dispute resolution. They found over 89 per cent of Ontario lawyers used mediation to resolve family law disputes. This was more than in any other province.

How to deal with feelings of grief in a divorce

There are many emotions that can come with ending a marriage. One of the most common is grief. Although grief is a process typically associated with death, the loss of a marriage can be a similar emotional journey. Here are a few tips for how Ontario individuals going through a divorce can deal with this grief in a healthy way. Managing this process can help people clear their heads in order to work towards the best results personally and legally.

Child custody and co-parenting issues change during school year

As children across the country prepare for a new school year, newly separated and divorced parents have a few extra things to think about. Issues like child custody and expenses can look different in the summer months than they do with the responsibilities of school involved. Here are a few things divorced or separated Ontario parents should consider when preparing for the school year.

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