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Child custody and co-parenting issues change during school year

As children across the country prepare for a new school year, newly separated and divorced parents have a few extra things to think about. Issues like child custody and expenses can look different in the summer months than they do with the responsibilities of school involved. Here are a few things divorced or separated Ontario parents should consider when preparing for the school year.

The first thing worth considering is the extra expenses that come with attending school. While more expensive items are often discussed in a marriage agreement, issues like field trips, child care during sick days and school supplies may be up in the air. Some couples will choose to split these incidentals half and half, while others may need to come up with a more detailed way of dividing such expenses.

Another issue that needs to be considered during the school year is transportation to and from activities. This may require adjustments to the custody calendar. If the parents are not able to negotiate in this way, it is a good idea to seek other ways of helping kids go to activities such as carpooling or public transportation.

Getting on the same page about issues like homework, incidental expenses, extracurriculars and school goals is a good idea if possible. For those who are unable to negotiate these things between themselves should consider working out a system for addressing such issues while drafting their marriage agreements. Those with legal concerns about child custody, support and other co-parenting concerns should speak with an Ontario family lawyer.

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