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How to deal with feelings of grief in a divorce

There are many emotions that can come with ending a marriage. One of the most common is grief. Although grief is a process typically associated with death, the loss of a marriage can be a similar emotional journey. Here are a few tips for how Ontario individuals going through a divorce can deal with this grief in a healthy way. Managing this process can help people clear their heads in order to work towards the best results personally and legally.

Denial is commonly understood as being the first step in the grieving process. That is why the first tip for healthy grieving after divorce is to work towards accepting that the marriage is over. Accepting this and not trying to fight negative feelings will allow the grieving process to proceed and give people the tools to let go.

Dwelling on blame, negativity and resentment can make it difficult to settle issues and create a new life. Forgiveness and letting go can be aided by surrounding oneself with a support system. Creating a routine that is healthy and based in self-care can also help. If there are a lot of remaining emotions, journaling, therapy or stress-relieving practices can help as well.

Jumping into a new relationship quickly can make it hard to focus on finalizing the divorce financially, logistically and emotionally. While sometimes the right person may come along, taking some time for oneself to work through grief is usually a good idea. Working with a skilled Ontario divorce lawyer can also help to clarify legal issues to move the process of divorce along.

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