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October 2018 Archives

Divorce really doesn't come as a surprise to most people

Most couples that split up, make the decision to do so together. But there are times when one spouse drops a bomb and asks the other for a divorce completely blindsiding the person. When things get to that level with Ontario couples there are usually signs that something needs to change or the marriage will end. Experts say, however, that people are never really all that surprised that their spouse has asked for a divorce.

Figuring out housing in separation and divorce

When a couple agrees to end their marriage, housing is often among the most contentious issues. After all, both parties need a place to live during, and after, the property distribution of the marital home is established. Here are a few options and tips for Ontario individuals seeking a roof over their heads following separation and divorce.

Shared or sole child custody: which is best for development?

When parents are no longer cohabiting, people may assume that one or the other will take over primary custody of the children. But is this really the best scenario for most families in Ontario? Research seems to suggest that shared parenting and child custody is the best option, although historically some people have assumed the opposite to be true.

Dos and don'ts for dating after a divorce

Dating during, or after going through the divorce, can be a sensitive topic. Not only can it bring emotional challenges, but in some cases the presence of new partners can muddy legal waters when it comes to issues such as child custody in Ontario. Here are some tips for dating in a way that protects personal, financial and legal interests after a divorce.

Are certain careers correlated with higher divorce rates?

When a couple divorces, many issues may be blamed including finances, intimacy and work-life balance. But are there certain jobs that could make it more likely for marriages to end in divorce? Ontario couples and divorcees alike may find a new study on the topic interesting, as it suggests that those who work with more members of the opposite sex may be more likely to find themselves in a marital bind.

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