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Are certain careers correlated with higher divorce rates?

When a couple divorces, many issues may be blamed including finances, intimacy and work-life balance. But are there certain jobs that could make it more likely for marriages to end in divorce? Ontario couples and divorcees alike may find a new study on the topic interesting, as it suggests that those who work with more members of the opposite sex may be more likely to find themselves in a marital bind.

While the Danish study did not find that particular career choices contributed to divorce per se, it did find that co-workers could play a role. The study, which involved data from between 1981 and 2002, was conducted in a country with a fairly even gender split in the workplace. Interestingly, the ratio of opposite sex co-workers was identified as a risk factor in heterosexual marriages.

Specifically, men who worked primarily with women were 15 percent more likely to get divorced than those who spent workdays surrounded by other men. Women who worked in male-dominated workplaces were 10 percent more likely to get a divorce. The study also noted that highly educated men in a female-dominated workplace were most likely to end their marriages, with two times the likelihood of divorce compared to lower educated men surrounded by other men at work.

Occupations where divorce rates were particularly high included hotels and restaurants. Researchers suggest that this may be due to the youth and relative attractiveness of opposite-sex co-workers in these environments. Whatever the reasons and risk factors behind a divorce, moving forward with it can bring up many questions for Ontario individuals. Speaking to a lawyer as soon as possible about concerns is a good idea.

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