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Divorce really doesn't come as a surprise to most people

Most couples that split up, make the decision to do so together. But there are times when one spouse drops a bomb and asks the other for a divorce completely blindsiding the person. When things get to that level with Ontario couples there are usually signs that something needs to change or the marriage will end. Experts say, however, that people are never really all that surprised that their spouse has asked for a divorce.

The real reason a spouse can appear to be caught off guard by a partner's honest request for a divorce is not because it's all that surprising to them but because actually hearing it can be somewhat shocking.It takes time for some people to process. Life-changing news takes longer for some people to wrap their heads around. Some of these partners simply became indifferent to the status of their own marriages.

Couples that stop communicating can stop treating each other as equal partners. In many cases, they dehumanize each other and think of each other as doing certain things within the marriage like paying the bills, cleaning the house, taking the kids to soccer and so on and that becomes their reason for existing to each other. There may not even be any discord in the marriage, but something much more defining -- apathy.

The signs were there, but neither partner did anything to address them. Some marriages when they reach this level  end up in divorce. An Ontario lawyer can clarify the next steps to take when a marriage is beyond the point of being saved. He or she can help a client to go through the process as painlessly as possible. 




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