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Dos and don'ts for dating after a divorce

Dating during, or after going through the divorce, can be a sensitive topic. Not only can it bring emotional challenges, but in some cases the presence of new partners can muddy legal waters when it comes to issues such as child custody in Ontario. Here are some tips for dating in a way that protects personal, financial and legal interests after a divorce.

One of the most common concerns about dating after divorce is the fear of doing something that feels very "new." After all, for many long-married people it has been a long time since a date with a new person occurred. Some popular tips for inexperienced daters are to ask a lot of questions on a date and to not talk much if at all about the divorce and ex. This will help people to get to know their date better and make a good first impression.

When considering a new relationship, it is important to seek a healthy partnership rather than just finding another version of the marriage that just ended. Ask important questions like, "does this person bring out the best in me?" early on. Additionally, do not take things too seriously right away. This is a sensitive time and rushing it is not usually a wise choice.

Getting back into the dating scene after a divorce can be exciting and a bit scary at times. But, by taking it slow, being careful and having fun it can be a rewarding and uncomplicated experience. Those who are wondering about the legal implications of a new partner, such as issues of child custody and cohabitation, should speak with an Ontario lawyer.

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