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Figuring out housing in separation and divorce

When a couple agrees to end their marriage, housing is often among the most contentious issues. After all, both parties need a place to live during, and after, the property distribution of the marital home is established. Here are a few options and tips for Ontario individuals seeking a roof over their heads following separation and divorce.

There are many things to consider when looking for a new place to live. For parents, the most major considerations have to do with children. Is the home suitable for the children to stay? Is it in their school district? The new living situation can have a major impact on child custody issues, so it is good to keep this in the forefront if relocating is necessary.

In some cases, spouses will sell their marital home and split the proceeds, with each using their portion to rent or buy a new place to live. In other cases, one spouse will buy out the other and keep the marital home. Taking on the full financial responsibility of a once shared home can be a lot to handle, so it's a good idea to only commit to this after issues of child support and alimony have been resolved.

While it may be tempting to make a decision based on emotions in these cases, such as desiring to stay in the house where children grew up, practical considerations are important to keep in mind. In many cases, renting is a good idea in the interim between a breakup and the establishment of a separation agreement. Those who are seeking legal support in creating a separation agreement or other issues related to divorce should work with an Ontario lawyer to understand their options.

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