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November 2018 Archives

Making a vow to understand the merits of marriage agreements

It seems that there are different seasons for different family law processes. In terms of marriage agreements, May seems to be a busy time for prenuptial agreements most likely because June and July are the hottest marriage months in Ontario. December sees the courts inundated with Christmas access motions that will decide with whom the kids will spend the holidays. There are some things a couple might want to consider before vowing to write a marriage contract that is agreeable to both individuals, no matter what the month.

Ontario family law: How separation affects financial obligations

When a couple separates, there are still financial obligations to be met. Under family law in Ontario, even if a couple is separated but not divorced, assets have to be considered. Federal rules govern issues surrounding support while property issues come under the provincial umbrella. Income that stems from a business is also up for consideration when figuring the division of assets.

Marriage agreements: Prenups helpful for those remarrying

Prenuptial agreements can be a good idea for those marrying for the second or even more times. When it comes to marriage agreements in Ontario, a prenuptial agreement may work well for those who have amassed their own assets and who are going into second or third marriages. These contracts give financial transparency to the union and clarify what's what and may be especially important if there is blended family involved.

Divorce in Ontario: What's in a name?

Many newly-married women still opt to take their husband's surnames after tying the knot. But what happens when everything goes sideways, the marriage ends in divorce and the guy's former wife wants to keep his name? What happens in Ontario when that's not what the man wants? A man can negotiate the desire as part of the divorce settlement.

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