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December 2018 Archives

Family law: Preparing for a continuing record

Getting divorced involves a lot of paperwork. Family law rules in Ontario stipulate that every document connected to individual cases have to be kept in a continuing record for that case. It allows the judge to get easy access to any information he or she may need in making any decisions. 

Ontario family law: FOMO is a new feeling fuelled by social media

FOMO parenting is apparently a real thing. FOMO or fear of missing out, is impacted by social media sites like Facebook. Parents begin to track the familial photos of their friends and family members on such social media sites and try to keep up. Although family law in Ontario always has the best interests of children at heart, this kind of social media frenzy becomes like a parental competition as to who is the best parent, who spends the most time with their kids, and ultimately someone begins to have that new FOMO feeling. 

Wise Moves To Take After Deciding On Divorce

Chances are the signs that something is very amiss in a marriage have been lingering for months, if not years. It could be that a couple has done everything to try to mend the relationship until finally one or both partners mentions divorce. There are a few things Ontario couples should do after making a final decision that their marriages aren't worth continuing the fight.

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