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Ontario family law: FOMO is a new feeling fuelled by social media

FOMO parenting is apparently a real thing. FOMO or fear of missing out, is impacted by social media sites like Facebook. Parents begin to track the familial photos of their friends and family members on such social media sites and try to keep up. Although family law in Ontario always has the best interests of children at heart, this kind of social media frenzy becomes like a parental competition as to who is the best parent, who spends the most time with their kids, and ultimately someone begins to have that new FOMO feeling. 

Social media can make a person feel like he or she is under a magnifying glass. The ironic thing is that a parent who fears missing out is doing exactly that by spending too much time on social media and not enough with his or her kids. An Ontario mother has said that she bases her idea of what a good parent should be by what is posted on social media sites by way of photos, comments, links and news feeds that flood her own feed. Some parents have even decided not to engage in discussion on social media sites because they end up feeling inferior.

Psychologists say social media can be a good parenting tool, but only when used for information and as long as parents don't get into the comparison trap. It may be especially difficult for divorced parents. But when they engage in the who is the best parent game, it can become detrimental not only to them, but to their children as well. The bottom line is that children need quality time with their parents; that's what they value most.

There are many family law tools in Ontario dealing with such subjects. A divorced parent may feel the fear of missing out more than married parents. Having a solid parenting plan may act as a road map for a parent who is struggling to be the best he or she can be. Getting a lawyer's advice on writing an all-encompassing plan may be the first place to start feeling like a truly engaged parent.


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